About Us

The Beauty Shop is an online business that sells a variety of beauty and skincare products as well as cosmetics. Our tagline; Where everyone needs – highlights the fact that natural beauty is all we need and all everyone needs. We understand your needs and we strive to offer exactly what you love – a range of great, effective products with affordable prices. At Beauty Shop, you can have your sweet time to shop for a variety of the best beauty products in turning yourself into the most beautiful one. Sit back and relax after just a single click and we will handle everything else for you.

All products ordered from us are FREE from any shipping fees (with the exception of shipping to East Malaysia, please refer to our Shipping Policy). We aim to provide the best service for you and ensure your satisfaction by selling 100% authentic products with affordable prices.

People may think that beauty is only applicable to women, but truthfully, it is applicable to everyone as it is in human’s nature to look and feel good. Hence, our products may focus heavily on women but men are also welcomed to purchase and give our products a try. In the current generation, men all over the world are trying hard to break the stereotypes of “beauty products are feminine” stigma. As long as an individual has the need to look and feel good, BeautyShop.com.my is the best choice. Because at here, we strongly believe that beauty has no boundaries. Men or women, young or old, don’t let the society define you. Besides that, our products make great gifts for your loved ones too!

Everyone deserves to be confident and to be in their best appearance everyday regardless of gender. With Beauty Shop, you can be free of worries, free of problems, and most importantly, free of flaws